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Roll Offs

Roll off containers are ideal for home remodeling, cleanups and other projects with large amounts of construction and demolition waste. Keep in mind that the recommendation for sizes below are approximate. Since the delivery charge is the same for each roll off, regardless of size, and you pay for the weight of the container contents when dumped, it makes sense to choose a larger container if you think you might need it.

A fifteen-yard roll off holds between 4-½ to 6-½ pickup truck loads. It’s ideal for Flooring or carpet removal in a medium house. Removal of a 300 sq. ft. deck or 2,000 to 2,500 sq. ft. of single-layer roof-shingle removal.

A twenty-yard roll off holds between 6-½to 8-½ pickup truck loads. It good for general renovations of 2-3 rooms, additions, flooring or carpet removal in a larger home, removal of a 400 sq.ft. deck or large roof projects where more than one layer of shingles is removed.

A thirty-yard roll off is ideal for whole house cleanups, major remodeling and additions for residential and commercial projects. It also serves well for garage demolitions, whole home window and siding replacement as well as major renovations to a large home or a restaurant.