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Whether it’s a small remodeling project, demolition, or new construction, Pinard has the containers
and services that are ideal for your needs.

On business days we Pinard we normally respond within 24 hours for these service requests:

  • Container Delivery
  • Dump & Replace
  • Removal

If you require special circumstances such as faster service, please call us at (603) 623-7933.

Honest, fair pricing


At Pinard, you won’t find surprises on your bill:

  • No fuel surcharges
  • No environmental impact fees
  • No container maintenance fees
  • No administrative fees

Per Ton Pricing

With Pinard’s Per Ton Pricing for roll-off containers, you enjoy the benefit of no minimum tonnage requirements. In addition to the hauling fee for the container, you are charged a per-ton rate for disposal, and pay for the exact tonnage that you dispose of. Pinard will provide a certified weight slip for your files.

Flat-Fee Pricing

For budgeting purposes, some contractors prefer a flat-fee price for the container, based upon the size of the roll-off ordered.  You still won’t be held to a minimum tonnage. For example, if you are quoted a flat fee for up to 3-tons, but have less than 3 tons, you will be credited the difference. If this structure better suits your needs, please let your Pinard representative know, and they will provide the appropriate quote.

C&D Recycling / LEED Certification


If environmental stewardship is important to you and your clients, let us know, and we will help you plan for the most effective, cost efficient way to recycle your C&D waste.

There are several components from your building or remodeling project that can be removed from the waste stream and recycled. They include wood, sheetrock, asphalt shingles, metals, concrete, brick, aggregates, and wire.

If your job is being considered for LEED Certification, please notify Pinard Waste Systems upon ordering your container. We will be sure to bring your materials to an appropriate facility and provide you with a slip to act as proof of recycling. For more information on LEED certification, visit the U.S. Green Building Council’s website at