Curbside Collection

If your town does not offer curbside collection, or if you live on a private road and do not have access to municipal collection, contact Pinard Waste Systems. We offer affordable, convenient, curbside trash collection and recycling to a number of New Hampshire communities. Please contact customer service or call toll free (800) 675-7933 for more information.

Prohibited Items

State laws prohibit certain items from being disposed of with your regular trash. If you need to dispose of anything that requires special handling, or if you have questions as to whether or not an item requires special handling, please contact us. We can schedule a special pickup, or direct you as to how to dispose of the item.

Items which require special handling include, but are not limited to the following:

  • liquid waste
  • tires and batteries
  • flammables / corrosives / toxics / compressed gases
  • televisions and computer monitors
  • motor oil
  • any appliance containing freon (refrigerators, air conditioners)
  • yard waste / brush
  • fluorescent lamps
  • propane tanks
  • asbestos
  • construction / demolition debris
  • paint / paint thinner
  • medical waste
  • hazardous waste / pesticides
  • construction / demolition debris