Pinard Waste Systems offers a variety of waste removal services for businesses of all kinds and sizes. Our knowledgeable staff can evaluate your business and help determine a solid waste and recycling solution to fit your particular needs. Our free waste audits are available to our existing customers, as well as those businesses interested in working with Pinard Waste Systems. A waste audit is a valuable tool whether your business is new and you are uncertain of its expected waste, or to ascertain if your current system is the most efficient, cost-effective program available. Please call our office at (800) 675-7933 or use our online form to request an analysis.


  • 2 cubic yards (with or without wheels)
  • 4 cubic yards
  • 6 cubic yards
  • 8 cubic yards
  • 10 cubic yards
Roll-Off Containers:

  • 15 cubic yards
  • 20 cubic yards
  • 30 cubic yards

30 yard pinard container

Permanent Services

Pinard Waste Systems services a variety of commercial accounts throughout Central and Southeastern New Hampshire, and Northeastern Massachusetts. From restaurants and retail outlets, to hospitals and industrial complexes, Pinard provides the professional, reliable service and fair pricing that earned us the 2009 New Hampshire Business Review Best of Business Award for Best Waste Removal Company.

Pinard maintains a vast assortment of solid waste handling and recycling equipment, from conventional dumpsters and compactors, to sophisticated systems equipped with automated remote operation and vermin / odor control systems. Our knowledgeable staff can help you determine the appropriate size and collection frequency to result in the most efficient service for your business.

If you are familiar with exactly what you need, feel free to use our online quote request form to receive a quote for service via email. You may also call our office at (800) 675-7933 to discuss your needs with one of our knowledgeable professionals.

Temporary Services

Whether you are a contractor needing a roll-off for a construction or remodeling job, or a business needing a dumpster to handle waste produced during a special event, Pinard Waste Systems will handle your needs in a professional, timely fashion.

Please use our online quote request form or call our office at (800) 675-7933 to schedule delivery of your temporary container.


Recycling has become an increasingly important component of most businesses’ waste removal plan. A well-planned recycling program designed by your Pinard Waste Systems representative will be an easy, cost-effective way to remove paper, plastics, metal, glass, and other non-hazardous items from your waste stream. Whether yours is the small office looking to implement a paper recycling program, or a large industrial company with complex recycling needs, Pinard can design a program to fit your needs.

  • Paper Recycling
    Paper makes up a significant portion of the waste produced by many businesses. Cardboard, computer paper, envelopes, magazines, and junk mail are just some of the items that can be removed from your waste stream for recycling. Pinard’s simple paper recycling program allows you to combine all types of recyclable paper into one container, making the program easier for your employees to participate in, and more economical for your business.
  • Non-Paper Recycling
    Non-paper items such as plastic bottles, sand & aluminum cans can easily be removed from your business’s waste stream and recycled, but we all know that your recycling plan will only work if it’s easy for your employees and customers to participate in. Pinard’s dual-stream recycling program allows your company to place paper in one receptacle and all other recyclables in another. This system saves space at your place of business, and is convenient enough to encourage maximum participation.
  • Commercial Single Stream Recycling
    Single stream recycling is a popular new approach that allows for all recyclables, paper and non-paper, to be commingled into one collection bin. For some businesses that wish to recycle but find the dual stream system inconvenient, single stream can be an effective way to remove many materials from the waste stream. Speak with one of our recycling specialists to determine which recycling option is best for your business.